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Ground Control Station

The Telemetry Products and Solutions team have been supporting NASA’s Sounding Rocket Program and other related defense research operations for more than 40 years through development/fabrication of flight-qualified airborne telemetry systems, operation/maintenance of ground-based telemetry assets, development/operational support of command/control transmission systems, and post-mission processed data products. This experience has resulted in the design, fabrication, and operation of several generations of low-cost, high-performance equipment that is ideally suited for a variety of flight and ground applications. Examples include PCM encoders and custom signal conditioners; RF transmitting and receiving systems; event and power distribution/control; command and control systems; vehicle support (separation, recovery, etc.); specialized instrument/device interfaces, integration, testing, etc.; and interface systems for ACS, IMU, GPS, and other avionics.

The WFF93 PCM encoder is a good example of the unique equipment developed and fielded by PSL in support of these programs. This modular system supports standard PCM formats in a field-programmable, stackable, low-power design. Input modules for the system include analog, digital, RS-232, event/pulse counter, IMU (SDLC), and time/event. Special module designs include video compression, uplink command decoder, 24-output timer, and quad relay. Many payload-unique signal conditioning modules also have been developed during the 10 years of the current system’s service to various NASA, DoD, and commercial programs.

PSL’s newest PCM encoder, the MV series, provides many of the same capabilities in a smaller (2″ x 3″) footprint. This encoder will operate at rates up to 20 Mbit/second for IRIG 106 standard formats and combines multiple functions into each module.