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SCE Student Working on a Project

The Suborbital Center of Excellence truly has become a center of excellence during its short history.  We are proud of the strides made since its inception and look forward to the many challenges we face.

The educational mission of the Suborbital Center of Excellence is at the heart of all we do.  Encouraging, supporting, and providing important learning opportunities for students are endeavors with far-reaching significance.  The students we impact today will be the scientists exploring, discovering, and improving our lives tomorrow.

As our nation looks ahead to this new century, we must look behind to the past century.

We celebrate the first 100 years of flight and can marvel at the incredible advances made in all areas of science in such a short time.  We can only wonder at the possibilities of what the young minds we are inspiring today will do in the next 100 years.  It’s a truly exciting prospect.

SCE will develop programs and activities in support of its mission, beginning at NMSU and

SCE Student Welding for a Project

extending to other universities, including Historically Black and Minority Institutions of Higher Education.  In addition to programs at the college level, SCE sponsors outreach programs to K-12 that promote aeronautical curricula and an understanding of NASA’s programs.