Modeling Simulation

Information Sciences & Security Systems – Modeling and Simulation

Modeling and Simulation

The ISSS modeling and simulation (M&S) capabilities are dynamic and extensive.  Past and current work experience includes wargaming and combat simulation, weapon systems M&S, atmospheric and battlefield effects M&S, and agent-based information assessment simulations.  Developing these capabilities has enabled the ISSS to gain experience and knowledge in modeling decision making processes, networking protocols and propopagation, and physical systems, as well as analysis techniques for data mining the large quantity of data generated by the agent based models.  This is complemented with mathematical algorithmic research, software design, development, and implementation, and 2-D and 3-D visualization of various dimensions of the battlefield.

ISSS personnel also have developed a variety of visualization tools to produce synthetic scenes of realistic battlefield environments and models to simulate the effects of natural and man-made battlefield obscurants.  These models have been integrated into combat simulations, weapon system performance models, and visualized for use in synthetic environments.

Most recently, physics-based obscurants have been successfully incorporated into a real-time simulation using high performance computing capabilities.  A 22-node Beowulf cluster built by ISSS personnel was utilized to send real-time physics-based obscurants to a remote digital simulation client.  The cluster receives continually updated seeker data from the client simulation and provides two-dimensional billboard images of obscurants, properly rotated with respect to the seeker.