Information Science and Security Systems

Information Sciences & Security Systems

Electronic Warfare

The Information Sciences & Security Systems division specializes in providing capability based solutions in applied sciences, information sciences, and security systems.  Information Sciences develops and integrates innovative products into reliable and cost-effective solutions our customers need to carry out their vital missions.

Expertise includes open-source and traditional support, homeland security solutions, electronic warfare, full-spectrum countermeasures, information assurance, modeling and sim.ulation, network-centric and content-centric warfare disciplines, border technology solutions, sensor and remote sensing technologies, semi-conductor technologies, bioremediation, food and drug product safety, and advanced biopathogen detection methods and forensic analysis assessment.

Applied research currently is being conducted in combinatorial mathematics and complex systems to the understanding, prediction, and control of socio-technical networks; develop tools and methodologies for both the defense and attack of information infrastructures; and produce modeling and simulation tools for battlefield optimization, thus enabling U.S. global knowledge and information superiority.