21st Century Aerospace – Ballistics

Target and Munition Instrumentation

Ballistic target missile

The Target and Munition Instrumentation team has been providing operations and engineering support to the U.S. Army and other DoD agencies for more than 30 years. Tasks include support of ballistic target missile and intelligent munition launch operation, development of special-purpose airborne and/or ground-based hardware, development of feasibility studies, and other support.

Support of rocket, missile, aircraft, and balloon avionics systems for research and target vehicles of many types also is provided. Multiple shell programs are supported using high-G telemetry units at Yuma and Aberdeen Proving Grounds. In addition, the Hawk Radar system is used to measure projectile performance.

Weapon Control Systems

The Weapon Control Systems team has been supporting the U.S. Navy and other agencies for approximately 35 years. Extensive support is provided to the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, White Sands (NAWCWPNS/WS), a major missile test facility operated by the Navy at WSMR. The facility includes two primary launch complexes: the USS LLS-1, also known as the “Desert Ship,” at WSMR Launch Complex 35 for testing Navy surface-to-air missiles, such as Tartar, Terrier, and Aegis, and the Land-Based Test Site at WSMR Launch Complex 34 for testing the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM).

Typical tasks include performance measurement and verification; documentation and configuration management; equipment operation and maintenance; training and safety; telemetry data collection and verification; antenna fabrication, characterization, and verification; emitter and electronic countermeasures support; target augmentation and instrumentation support; test planning and operations conduct; planning, integration, and assembly services; flight termination and range safety engineering; real-time translation of tracking data to simulate various assets as required; and display and other programming support as needed.