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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - S

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
Saari Joe Ann   Moore Yes No Apr-May 69
Sabin Robert J.   Yes No Jan 47-Jan 50, Aug 52-Feb 84
Sachs Danny Martin   No Yes May-Aug 81
Sacoman Gene A.   Yes No Nov 84- Jan 86
Sadeik Gordon Bruce   No Yes Oct 82- Apr 83
Sadler Patrick Anthony   No Yes Jun 70- May 71
Safdari Yahya B.   Yes Yes Student: Jun-Sep 62, Staff: Sep 62-Aug 64
Saggerson Richard J.   No Yes Feb-May 80
Sainz Sylvia M.   No Yes Feb-Dec 75, Dec 77- May 78
Sainz Lillian     Yes No May 83- Jul 87
Salach Daniel     Yes No Apr-Aug 94
Salas Arthur R.   No Yes Feb-May 77
Salas Guadalupe T.   No Yes Sep 78-May 79
Salas Linda M.   No Yes Jul 75-Apr 77
Salas Loretta     No Yes Jul 82-Oct 85
Salas Severa T.   Yes No Aug 77-Oct 79
Salas Stephen A.   No Yes Aug 84- May 85
Salas Chris Edward   No Yes Jul 84- Jul 87
Salas Anna Isabel   Yes No Jun-Aug 81
Salazar Charlie     No Yes May 91-May 92
Salazar Sylvia Sanchez Melendez Yes No Oct 76-Feb 78
Salazar Ezequiel C.   No Yes Oct-Dec 75
Salazar Miguel Donald   No Yes Sep 66- May 67
Salazar Patci J. Schatzabel Yes No Jul 69-Feb 70
Salazar Adelina   Garcia Yes Yes Student: Sep 69-Jan 72, Jun 74-Jan 75, Staff: Jan-Aug 72
Salazar Anita Carmen Garcia Yes No Jul 74-Oct 78, Jan 79-Jun 80
Salazar Christella A.   No Yes Feb 83-May 84
Salazar Charlene A.   No Yes Jan 88- Jun 91
Salazar Edmund Paul   Yes Yes Student: Jan 75- Feb 78, Staff: Apr 73-Jan 75
Salcido Barbara J. Huerta Yes No Oct 80-Feb 87
Salcido John R.   Yes No Oct 82- Feb 83
Salcido Jacinto L.   No Yes Sep 65-Aug 66
Sale Larry Wayne   Yes No Mar 77- Jul 86
Salinas Melinda A.   Yes No May 87-Sep 88
Salinas Ernesto E.   Yes No Mar 80- Jul 87
Salinas Pedro E.   Yes No Aug 81- Jun 82
Salinas Jose A.   No Yes Aug 83-Mar 84, Nov 84-Apr 85
Salopek Mary Elizabeth Kemp No Yes Apr-Oct 72
Salvermoser Rudolph     Yes No Jul 85-Jan 91, Feb 91-Sep 93
Samaniego Rumaldo D.   Yes No Apr 81-Jul 90
Sambrano Clifford Alfred   No Yes Apr 81-Apr 82
Sambrano Celia R.   Yes No May 95-Jul 00
Sambrano Virginia O. Limas Yes No Oct 67-Apr 73
Sammon Charles John   No Yes Dec 79-Jul 81
Sammon Donald Hugh   No Yes Jun-Aug 75
San Roman Arthur     No Yes Sept-Sept 75
Sanborn Karen I. Haydon Yes No Oct 80- Aug 81, Nov 81- Aug 82
Sanchez Benito M.   No Yes Sep 63-May 66
Sanchez Leonard R.   Yes No Aug 82-Jul 87
Sanchez Stephen E.   No Yes Sep 89-Jul 90
Sanchez James Timothy   No Yes May-Dec 87
Sanchez Cecelia A. Nevarez Yes No Nov 78-Jul 87
Sanchez Allen M.   No Yes Jul 89-Jul 90
Sanchez Angelita B. Nunez Yes No Jan 79-Aug 86
Sanchez Anthony L.   No Yes Sep 59-Mar 62, Sep 64-Jan 65
Sanchez Antonio E.   Yes No Aug 79-Oct 86
Sanchez Carlos J.   Yes Yes Student: May 87-May 89, Staff: May 89-Jan 90
Sanchez Aron M.   No Yes Jun 66- Feb 70
Sanchez Edelmiria G.   No Yes May 84-May 85
Sanchez Elva S.   Yes No May 79-Aug 80
Sanchez Jerold Joseph   No Yes Jan-May 96
Sanchez Alfonso O.   No Yes Jun 81-Jan 84
Sanchez Daniel Archuleta   Yes No Feb 73-Aug 76
Sanchez Jon     No Yes Aug 96- Feb 99
Sanchez Deborah M.   Yes No Nov 74-Feb 79
Sanchez Eddie Joe   Yes No Jun 88- Apr 95
Sanchez Adam L.   No Yes Jul 65-Sep 66
Sanchez Miguel G.   Yes No Apr 83-Jul 87
Sanchez Samuel A.   Yes No Dec 83-Oct 84
Sanchez Sandy M. Martinez Yes No Apr 78-Aug 79
Sanchez Tommy Eugene   Yes Yes Student: Jun 88-Jun 89, Staff: Jun-Aug 89
Sanchez Jose Daniel   No Yes Jun 86- Feb 88
Sanchez Jerry R.   No Yes Dec 82- Mar 83
Sanchez John A.   Yes No Mar 86-Jun 91
Sanchez Richard Henry   Yes No Oct 82-Jul 84, Apr-Sep 85
Sanchez Erlinda Cherie   Yes No Dec 77- Jul 87
Sanchez Praxedis T. Valenzuela Yes No Apr 70-Dec 78
Sanchez Ernest Joseph   No Yes Jun-Jul 65
Sanchez John H.   No Yes Jan-Feb 86
Sanchez Joseph A.   Yes No Aug 89-Apr 93, Sep 97-Jan 99
Sanchez Enrique Acevez   Yes No Jun 69-Mar 76
Sanchez Jeanne B.   Yes No Nov 78- Mar 80
Sanchez Kim Ann   No Yes Aug-Oct 84
Sanchez James Michael   No Yes Sep 64-Sep 65
Sanchez Felix G.   No Yes Dec 77- Feb 78
Sanchez Rose S. Smith Yes Yes Student: Sep-Nov 80, Staff: Aug 77-Sep 80, Nov 80-Feb 82
Sanchez Linda L.   No Yes Feb 86-May 87
Sanchez Doniphan J.   No Yes Feb-Aug 96
Sanchez, Jr. Charlie     No Yes Sep-Oct 65
Sand Darrel Dean   No Yes Oct 67-May 68
Sandberg Martin C.   Yes Yes Student: Apr 79-Apr 80, Jan 81-Jan 85, Staff: Apr 80-Jan 81
Sandell Yvonne D. Bledsoe Yes No Jul 67-Jul 68
Sandell Michael A.   No Yes Sep 64-Jul 68
Sanders Travis     No No  
Sanders Ronald L.   No Yes Sep 87-Jan 90
Sanders James Harvey   Yes Yes Student: Mar 68-Dec 72, Staff: Dec 72-Jan 79, Apr 86-Nov 87
Sanders Travis Ray   Yes Yes Student: Feb 82-Feb 87, Staff: Feb 8-Jul 87
Sanders Steven S.   Yes No Jul 82- Apr 83
Sanders Ronald Lee   No Yes Jan-Jun 71
Sanders James E.   No Yes Sep 66-Jun 68
Sanders Gerald R.   Yes No Feb 59-Mar 65
Sanders Frances M. Couch Yes No Apr 64-Feb 77
Sanders Bobbie     No No  
Sanders John M.   Yes No May-Aug 00
Sanders Charles     No No  
Sandoval Darryl Phillip   No Yes Jul-Sep 81
Sandoval Veronica M.   Yes No Jul 76-Dec 78
Sandoval Alfonso L.   Yes No Jan-Jun 80
Sandoval Beaulah R. Honaberger No Yes Oct 63-Mar 65
Sandoval Carol A. Olson Yes No Jan 72-Jul 73
Sandoval Joyce T.   No Yes Apr-Nov 76
Sandoval Manuel A.   Yes No Feb 80-Aug 84
Sandoval Raymond E.   No Yes Sep 66- Mar 68
Sandoval Robert Philip   No Yes Jun 64- Sep 65
Sandoval Rosemarie     Yes No Oct 88- Jan 95
Sanford Grady Robert   No No  
SanGiovanni Frank     Yes Yes Student: Jan 83-Jun 86, Staff: Jun 86-Dec 88
Santana James Richard   No Yes Aug 83-Aug 84, May 85-Dec 86
Sarabia Gilbert Manuel   No Yes May 76-Jan 82
Sarabia Jim Eric   No Yes May-Aug 90
Sark Sue Marie Robinson Yes No Sep-Dec 73
Sarracino Phillip Donald   No Yes Sep 83-May 85
Sarver Mary Ann Noonan Yes No Oct 76-Mar 80, Aug 81-Mar 85
Satterfield Jack W.   No Yes Sep 62-Mar 69
Saucedo Teresa A. Gonzalez Yes No May 75-Jan 77
Saucedo Raymond Alexander   No Yes Sep 90- Oct 91
Sauerhoff Harry Whiting   No No ?
Saugen Jill M. Domina No Yes Jan 83- Nov 83
Saunders James Alvah   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 70
Sauter Elizabeth Mae (Davis)(Dutton)(Quintana) Yes No Apr-Oct 67,Oct 68-May 93
Sauve Emery L.   No Yes Jun 66-Mar 69
Savage Wayne L.   No Yes Dec 76- Jan 77
Savage Oracia Y. McCurtis Yes No Oct-Oct 76
Savage Patricia Gail   No Yes Feb-May 69
Savannah Diana L.   Yes No Feb-May 79
Savinsky Robert Wayne   Yes No Nov 69-Jul 70
Sawtelle Timothy A.   Yes No Jan-Apr 80
Sawyer, Jr. Joseph O.   No Yes Sep 63-Oct 68
Sawyers Gloria A. Vasquez Yes No Jan 80-Apr 89
Sayles Jean C.   No Yes Jun 61-Aug 64
Sayles Lillie Naomi (Adams)(Crum) Yes No Sep 62-Feb 89
Scales Gretchen Joanne   No Yes Feb 86-Jan 89
Scantling Brenda J. Evans Yes No Jul 72-Jun 73
Scarcella Frank     Yes No May-Jun 77
Scarritt Nathan S.   Yes No Mar 67-Jan 68
Sceery Beatrice Anita Garcia Yes No Feb 70-Aug 72
Schaaphok April Leigh Anne   No Yes Dec 85-Aug 86
Schaberg Linda S.   Yes No Aug 74- Jul 75
Schadler John Robert   No Yes Oct 70-May 71
Schafer Dolores Elisa   No Yes Dec 89-Dec 91
Schaffer Jim T.   Yes No Sep 84-Jul 87
Schamaun Coene Elane   No Yes Oct 84-May 87
Schanefelt Geraldine Lucy   No Yes Jan 78-Nov 79
Scharff Patrick Kay   No Yes Apr 70-Nov 71
Schatzman Ronald M.   No Yes May 82-May 84
Schettler Stanley L.   No Yes Sep 65-Oct 68
Schildknecht Wray Jack   Yes No Aug 82-Jul 86
Schilling John Robert   No Yes Jan-Feb 73
Schlauch Karen Andrea   Yes Yes Staff: Jul-Sep 97, Student: Sep 97-Jul 98
Schlegel Judy M. Wakefield Yes No Sep 69-Aug 70
Schleusener Julie L.   No Yes Jan 82-Aug 84
Schmidt Myrna Gayle   Yes No Jul 68-Sep 69
Schmidt Janice M. Butcher Yes No Jan-May 79
Schmidt Felix Carolus   No Yes Sep 66-Oct 69
Schmidt Edwin Arlis   Yes No Mar 62-Jul 93
Schmidt David     Yes No May 68-Jul 79
Schmidt Douglas Richard   No Yes Jun 82-Jun 83, Jan 84-May 85, Aug 85-Oct 87, Oct-Dec 88
Schmidt Arthur Dale   No Yes Feb-Sep 69
Schmiedeskamp Robert W.   No Yes Aug 60-Mar 65
Schnack Evelyn M. Hassee Yes No Sep 64-feb 68
Schnakenberg Ronald     No Yes Feb 63-Oct 68
Schnebly Paul Flake   Yes Yes Student: May-Jun 69, Staff: Jun 69-Aug 70
Schnedar David F.   No Yes Jan 84-Feb 85
Schnedar Michael J.   No Yes May 75-Nov 78
Schneider Michael G.   No Yes Mar-Nov 81
Schneider Kurt F.   No Yes Aug 76-Sep 79
Schneider Karl C.   No Yes Aug 78-Dec 80
Schnell Danny     No No  
Schofield James Gilbert   No Yes Jan 68-Jun 70
Schofield Wendell Edward   No Yes Feb-Jul 69
Schofield Ernest A.   No Yes Jan 76-Jan 80
Scholer Linda Kristine   No Yes Jul 79-Jul 83
Schrage Janis   Redfern Yes No Oct 66- May 67
Schramm Roland J.   No Yes Sep 70-Mar 72, Apr 74-Jun 75
Schramm Dale E.   No Yes Nov 76-Dec 77
Schroder Rodney R.   No Yes Feb 68-Jun 69
Schroeder-Curry Christine Audrey   No Yes July 85- Jan 86
Schroyer Glenn R.   Yes No Apr 79-Jan 81
Schryer Janice LeAnna Donnelly Yes No Feb 70-Mar 71
Schubert, Jr. Henry     Yes No Feb 68-Jul 84
Schueller Kathleen Frances   No Yes May -Dec 76
Schulte Michael J.   Yes No Jan 86-Mar 87
Schultz Walter Lawrence   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 70
Schultz Clarence E.   No Yes Feb 63-Sep 64
Schulze Beth D. Delucia Yes Yes Student: Aug 82-May 84, Staff: May 84-Mar 85
Schurr Terrill W.   No Yes Mar 65-May 68, Sep 69-Apr 70
Schuster Joyce Boutin   Yes No May 64-Jul 65
Schuster Burton Gordon   No Yes Sep 62-Jan 66
Schutz Barbara J. McLemore Yes Yes Student: Dec 66-Aug 67, Oct-Dec 67, Feb-Apr 70, Staff: Jan 68-Feb 70
Schwab Thomas E.   Yes No Jul-Nov 71
Schwab Kenneth Michael   No Yes Jun 86-Jun 87
Schwaderer William David   No Yes Mar 66-Dec 67
Schwarz Robert L.   Yes No Mar-Dec 83
Schwichtenberg Albert H.   Yes No Sep 69-mar 71
Scoggin Suzan Kay Haas No Yes Jul 67- Dec 69
Scoggins Cynthia Ann Williams No Yes Jun 74-Dec 77
Scott Patricia Margaret Gove Yes No Jun 70-Jul 72
Scott Samuel     No No  
Scott Randoph Lee   No No  
Scott Charles Edward   No Yes Jun 67-Apr 70
Scott Susan M.   No Yes Jul-Jul 78 (never worked)
Scott Ralph     No Yes Jul 75-Feb 77
Scott Arthur George   No No  
Scott Kathleen M. Gilbert Yes No Jun 72-Jun 74
Scott Karen M.   Yes No Nov 90-Jul 91
Scott Elaine N. Davis Yes No Jun 74-Feb 79
Scott Carl E.   Yes No Aug-Dec 84
Scott Randy A.   No Yes Mar-Aug 80
Scoughton Troy E.   Yes No Nov 85-Jul 90
Scroggins Robert W.   Yes No Apr 74-Mar 78
Scully Chris     No Yes Nov 96-May 97
Seabrook Michael Ross   Yes No Jun 70-Jun 71
Seager Dorothy D. Thomas Yes No Nov 89-Sep 90
Seager William R.   Yes No Aug 82-Sep 84
Seagraves Squire B.   Yes Yes Student: Aug-Nov 61, Feb 64-Mar 67, Staff: Nov 61-Feb 64, Dec 79-Jun 98
Seal Henry Alan   No Yes Sep 66-Dec 69
Sears Patrick Alan   No Yes Feb 64-May 66
Sears Irma Linda Zamora Yes No Aug 77-Sep 82
Sears Roger D.   No Yes May 76-Aug 77
Sedillo Bernadino M.   No Yes Nov 65-Jul 66, Dec 68-May 69
Sedillo Rodney P.   No Yes Sep 95-Jan 96
Seebold, Jr. Otto P.   Yes No May 86-Oct 92
Seeger, III Charles L.   Yes No Feb 69-Jul 74
Seeker Steven Allen   No Yes Jun 68-May 74
Seets Jon Gregory   No Yes May 84-Feb 90
Seets Eugene     No No  
Seets Julianne     No Yes May 88-feb 93
Segu Sunil V.   Yes No May 91-Sep 92
Segura Manuel Cesario   Yes No Jan 68-Apr 94
Segura Arthur Manuel   No Yes Aug 90-May 94
Seibel David Milton   No Yes Jun 60-Jun 66
Seibert Tonya M. Alvarez No Yes Sept 80-Feb 83
Seidel Ronald Bruce   No Yes Sep 64-Feb 70
Seidel Frank A.   No Yes Aug 76-Nov 79
Seitsinger Phillip     No Yes May-Sep 98
Sekula Christina M. Holmes No Yes Jun 62-Jul 66
Selden Jeffrey     No Yes Sep 97-Jul 98
Self Dolty R.   Yes No Jun 69-Jul 72
Self Georgianna M. Segura Yes No Sep 78-May 80
Sellars Selma V. Johnson No Yes Dec 63-Aug 65
Sellers Howard Lavell   No Yes Aug 63-Aug 66
Sellers Johnny F. Baker Yes No Jul 66-Dec 67
Semeraro Marco D.   No Yes Feb-Jul 86
Senke Harold William   No Yes Sep 77-May 78
Senkel Raymond A.   No Yes Feb-Oct 63, Apr 66-Feb 67
Sepich Phyllis Jean   No Yes Oct 69-Jan 71
Serna Jose M.   Yes No May 75-Apr 98, Apr 98-Apr 99
Serna Gilbert Anthony   No Yes Aug 80-Jul 81
Serna Frank Ray   No Yes Dec 78-Dec 80, May 83-Apr 84
Serna Patty A. Chavarria Yes Yes Student: Oct 79-Dec 80, Staff: May 82-May 84
Serna Sylvia J.   No Yes Aug 78-Jun 82
Serna Christine J.   Yes No Jun 80-Jul 81
Serna Dolores A.   Yes No Jan 69-Mar 74
Settle James Robert   Yes Yes Student: Jan-Jun 83, Staff: Feb 82-Jan 83, Jun-Oct 83
Sever Randall C.   Yes No Nov 73-Sep 76, Dec 76-Jan 78
Seward Walter D.   No Yes Aug 60-May 67
Seward John Edward   No Yes Jun 63-Jul 66
Sewell Charles Mack   No Yes Oct 69-May 70, Aug 70-May 71
Sewell Maryann A. Guzman Yes No Aug 83-Feb 94, Aug 98-Jul 99
Seylar Brian A.   No Yes Apr 93-Dec 94
Shackleton Philip Loyd   No Yes Jun-Aug 68
Shaffer Janet R. Smith Yes No Jun 64 -Jan 65
Shaffer Stephen Marlin   Yes Yes Student: May 77-Jan 82, Staff: Jan 82-Nov 93
Shaffer Neal Leigh   Yes No Jun-Nov 65
Shaffer Daniel Lee Glen   Yes No Jan 86-Aug 91
Shales Michael Edward   No Yes Dec 78-May 80, Sep 80-Dec 81
Shankle John Paul   No Yes Jun 99- Feb 00
Shankles Ray Anthony   No Yes Feb-Feb 86, May 86-Jul 88
Shannon James E.   Yes No Oct 56-Nov 75
Shannon Robert Francis   Yes No Jun 79-Jan 84
Shannon Phillip L.   No Yes Mar 77-Aug 85
Shannon Brenda L. Martin No Yes Oct 79- Jun 82
Shantz Norman J.   No Yes Oct 63-Jan 66
Sharp Rebecca L.   No Yes Aug 91- May 92
Sharp George Robert   Yes Yes Student: Jun 63-Feb 65, Staff; Feb-Sep 65, May-Aug 67
Sharp Sherry W.   Yes No Jul 66-feb 67
Sharp Martha M.   No Yes Jan-Dec 79
Sharp Jimmy F.   Yes No Oct 82-May 84
Sharp Thomas Michael   No Yes Feb 69-Nov 71
Shaull Anthony Allan   No Yes Jan 86-May 88
Shaw Barry Zan   Yes No Jun-Dec 79
Shaw Lance Dunn   No Yes Jun 65-Sep 66, Sep 67-Jan 68
Shaw Raymer Wilfred   No Yes Feb 68-Aug 70
Shaw Jeanne Lynn Parker No Yes Apr 66-Oct 68
Shaw Stanley D.   Yes No Aug 87-Nov 89
Shaw Harold Lex   No No  
Shaw Michael Anthony   No Yes Feb 80-Aug 84
Shearer Patricia   D'Avignon Yes No Jul-Jul 68 (never worked)
Sheffield Wynona J. Tucker No Yes Dec 63-May 65
Shehan Michelle F. Provencio No Yes Jul 89-dec 90
Sheheen Nancy N. Naim Yes No Jun 88-Sep 90
Shelley Patricia A. Manasco Yes No Nov 67-Aug 71, Nov 71-Oct 72
Shelton David Gordon   No Yes Feb 69-Aug 70
Shelton Hewes Mathew   No Yes Mar-Aug 78
Sherman Lawrence M.   No Yes Feb 67-Jul 69
Sherrill Michael Lonnie   No Yes Sep 62-Jun 64
Sherrill Bette C. Benham No Yes Oct 62-Aug 63, Feb-May 64
Shervanick Mark Francis   No Yes Aug 77-Mar 83, May-Dec 83
Shields Sharon C. Middle Yes No Oct 66-Mar 68
Shields Steven Lee   Yes Yes Student: Jun 90-Jan 92, Staff: Mar 92-Aug 92
Shields Marcia Ellen Stevens Yes No Aug 71-Sep 72
Shildneck Matt W.   No Yes Jan-Dec 77
Shildneck Wray Jack   Yes Yes Student: Sep 63-Oct 66, Staff: Apr 67-Nov 68, Apr 71-Jul 77
Shillito Carol Scott   No No  
Shinkle John Michael   No No  
Shoaff William E.   No Yes Sep 66-Jun 69
Shobe Brenda A. Molina Yes No Aug 82-Apr 83
Shoemaker Robert S.   Yes No Apr 86-Dec 93, Jan 94-Jan 95
Shokunbi Kayode Olajide   No Yes may-Jul 79
Short Paul J.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 81-Sep 83, Staff: Sept 83-Apr 84
Short Alan Mark   No Yes Jul 85-Jul 87
Short Tony Wayne   No Yes Feb 83-Aug 84
Shoults Raymond Ronald   No No  
Shouman Ahmad Radey   No Yes Nov 79-Apr 81, Jan 71-Sept 75
Shoup, Jr. Roy William   No Yes Sep 67-May 71
Shover William R.   No Yes Feb 68-Jan 69
Shown Irene Estella Flores No Yes May- Dec 76, Mar- May 77, May 77- Aug 80
Shriver Monte Richard   No No  
Shriver Michael Jack   No Yes Sep 75-May 76
Shuder Russell Marshall   Yes No Sep 67-Apr 70
Shumaker Anna-Belle   Crawford Yes No Dec 85-Jul 87
Shumard Elizabeth Coleen White Yes No Jan 70-Oct 71
Shumard George E.   No Yes Sep 67-Sep 70
Shuster William Smithson   Yes Yes Student: Mar 80-Jul 81, Staff; Jul 81-May 82
Shute Horton Boutell   No No ?
Sides Larry Duane   No Yes Jun 69-Feb 71
Siepel Ronald Gene   No Yes May 69-aug 70
Sierra Sharon Lee Avant Yes No Feb 72-Aug 73
Sierra Adolfo     No Yes Sep 71-Sep 77
Sierra, III Stanley Estanislao   No Yes Sep 67-Feb 73
Siewart Marc   Bres No Yes Feb 66- May 67
Silkey Vickey Dee Kingsley No Yes Sep 78- Jan 82
Sillampa Raymond Victor   No Yes Aug 60-May 65, Sep-Oct 65
Silva Aaron Andrew   Yes Yes Student: Oct 87-Jun 89, Staff; Jun-Jul 89
Silva Yolanda   Campos Yes No Apr 79-Sep 81
Silva Kasumi J. Nixon Yes No Feb 82- May 83
Silva Joe     No Yes Mar 65-feb 66
Silva James Walter   No Yes Jun 68-May 73
Silva Gloria O. Limas Yes No Sep 76-Oct 81
Silva Bridgett D.   Yes No Nov 74-Jan 75
Silva Nora     Yes No Nov 84-Oct 85
Silva Rosa Maria Hernandez Yes No Feb-Aug 74
Silva Patricia Ann   Yes Yes Student: Dec 84-Jan 86, Staff: Jan 86-Aug 87
Silva Adalberto Rios   No Yes Jun 71-Feb 72
Silva Angelica     No Yes May-Dec 00
Silverthorn Susan Rebecca   Yes No Jun 73-Jul 77
Silverthorn James Ray   No Yes Aug 85-Sep 86
Simmons Robert Lee   No Yes Nov 63-Mar 66
Simmons Nichole M.   No Yes Jun-Aug 96
Simonis Steve Clayton   No Yes Sep 73-Apr 75
Simonson David Peter   No Yes Sep 61-Aug 65
Simpson Kay   Hunter Yes No Aug 71-Aug 73
Simpson Michael Lloyd   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 67
Simpson Scott William   No Yes Sep 83-Feb 86, Mar-Jul 87
Simpson Walter W.   No Yes Jul 71-Feb 72
Sims George E.   No Yes Apr 83-Dec 84
Sims Michael Lee   Yes Yes Student: Feb 87-Jun 90, Staff: Jun-Aug 90
Sims Monte Edward   Yes No Oct 79-May 80
Sims William Brett   No Yes Aug 72-May 76
Sims Carla Denise   No Yes Oct 79-Jan 81, Jun 81-Jan 82
Sims, Jr. James Rae   No Yes Jun 75-Apr 77
Sinclair, II Robert Earl   No Yes May-Jul 93
Singh Kenneth M.   Yes No Jun 74-Aug 79, Oct 79-Jan 82
Singleton William Francis   No Yes Sep 64-Jan 70
Sinton John Thomas   Yes No May 70-Jan 71
Sisneros John Anthony   Yes Yes Student: May 82-Jun 83, Staff; Jun 83-Mar 84
Sizelove Sheryl S. Locklin Yes No Sep 72-Feb 73
Skaggs William W.   No Yes Jul 69-Jul 72
Skalenda William Francis   No Yes Jan-Sep 79, Sep 80-Jul 82
Skalenda Laurie Ann   No Yes Aug 85-Jun 86
Skeen Kimery Gleyre   No Yes Sep 72-Jul 77
Skibitzki Michelle Lee   No Yes Jun 95-Jan 99
Skibyak Michael James   No Yes Feb-Jul 87
Slade Dave W.   No Yes May-May 77 (never worked)
Slade, III William C.   No Yes Jun-Aug 67
Slazenik James Paul   Yes Yes Student: May 79-Jan 81, Staff: Jul-Aug 81
Sletten Robert Selmer   No Yes Feb 62-Dec 66
Sloan Galen T.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 54-Nay 57, Staff: Sep 62-Dec 69
Sloan William S.   No Yes Sep 66-Aug 68
Slocumb, Jr. Tyler H.   No Yes Oct 62-May 64
Small Vickie Joyce Pace Yes No Sep 67-Jan 70
Small David Glenn   No Yes May-Aug 76
Small Janet K.   Yes No Jan-Sep 68
Small Leslie L. Laird No Yes May 78- Jul 80
Small Terry M.   No Yes Apr 78-Sep 79
Small Martin Jay   Yes Yes Student: May-Aug 80, Staff: Jan-May 81, May 81-Mar 86
Small Donald Mark   No Yes Dec 80-May 81, Sep 81-May 82, Sep 82-Mar 85
Smart Nancy Phyllis Schorr Yes No Nov 71-Feb 73
Smelker Thomas Edward   No Yes May-Dec 99
Smit Candace J.   Yes No Dec 80-Mar 81
Smith Benjamin Neil   No Yes Jan-Aug 99
Smith Joe A.   Yes No Oct 74-Jan 00
Smith Stephen Wade   No Yes Jun 68-Nov 69
Smith David Eugene   No Yes Aug 60-Mar 65
Smith David J.   No Yes Feb 64-May 67
Smith DeLon     Yes Yes Student: Aug 83-Jul 86, Staff: Jul-Aug 86
Smith Jerome Carson   No Yes Feb 61-Apr66
Smith Montgomery William   No Yes Feb 70-May 74
Smith Wayne Allen   No Yes Nov 63-Aug 66
Smith Wilburn     No No  
Smith Julie D. Burns Yes No Jan-Sep 79
Smith Michael Lowell   No Yes Aug 76- Aug 81
Smith Karen L. Ray Yes No Aug 74-Jul 76, Mar 80-Apr 84
Smith Imelda Cruz Subia No Yes Sep 76-Aug 77, Nov 77-Jul 78
Smith Betty J. Nelson Yes No Aug-Dec 72
Smith Chad S.   No Yes Sep 78-Jul 79
Smith Clothilde C. Pavel Yes No Feb 76-Jul 77
Smith Doyle W.   No Yes Jun 63-Jul 64
Smith Edison E.   Yes No Jun 81- Mar 82
Smith Edwin C.   No Yes Sep 65-Apr 66
Smith Eric A.   No Yes Jun 81-Feb 82
Smith Gary Brian   No Yes May-Dec 85
Smith Gary Don   No Yes Nov 66-Jan 67
Smith James Gregory   Yes No Oct-Nov 97
Smith Joan Marie Parmenter Yes No Mar 65-Jun 66
Smith LaDonna P. Cottrell Yes No Oct 73-Mar 76
Smith Jon A.   Yes No Oct 78-Jul 86
Smith Randall Bradford   Yes No Aug 85-Sep 88
Smith Holly Kay   No Yes Sep 91-Dec 92
Smith Gerald W.   Yes No Oct 74-May 80
Smith Jeary L. Clark Yes No Oct 67-Jul 68
Smith Phillip R.   Yes No Aug 65-Jul 70, Sep 76-Aug 82, Jul 86-Jan 89
Smith Joel Benjamin   Yes Yes Student: Sep 76-Jan 79, Staff: Jan 79-Jan 85
Smith Ronald Thompson   No Yes Sep 72-Jan 74
Smith Michael B.   Yes No Aug 81-Jul 86
Smith Patricia Ann Abernathy Yes No Aug 86-Aug 87
Smith Pamela M. Fisher Yes No Apr 68-Apr 69
Smith Lon Michael   No Yes Feb 66-Jan 67
Smith Larry D.   No Yes Jan -Aug 90
Smith Ruth W. Foust Yes No Jan 53-Dec 72
Smith, III Lee Roy   No Yes Sep 63-Jun 66
Smith, III Thomas Howard   No Yes Jun 70-Jan 71
Smith, III Alvy Ray   No Yes Sep 62-Sep 65
Smith, Jr. Doran Quinton   No Yes Feb 73-Apr 74
Smith-Martin Clothilde Mae   No Yes Jan 83-Jan 86
Smolka James Thomas   No Yes Oct 66-Aug 68
Smoot, Jr. Edward Bruce   No No  
Smorynski Ronald Victor   No Yes Jan-May 86
Snell Gary Don   No Yes Feb 76-Apr 79
Snell Mary L. Davis No Yes Mar 74-Dec 77
Snell James N.   Yes No Jul 87-Dec 89
Snider Alfred Dwight   Yes No May 63-Aug 65, Sep 74-Feb 77
Sniegowski John Michael   No Yes Sep 83-Apr 86
Snipes James Edward   No Yes Feb 64- May 66
Snodgrass Edna A. Haskins Yes No Jan 53-Sep 74
Snow Emily M.   Yes Yes  
Snow Louis L.   Yes No Jul 59-Oct 85
Snow Allison A.   Yes No Feb-Apr 97
Snyder Jimmy Ann Wakefield Yes Yes Student: Sep 66-Feb 67, Staff: Nov 65-Sep 66, Feb 67-Aug 68
Snyder Kenneth Mack   No Yes Sep 65-Aug 68
Snyder Tommy A.   No Yes Jun 66-Sep 69
Snyman, III Gerhardus C.   No Yes Feb 66- Jun 69
Soesbe Glenn T.   No Yes Dec 63-Aug 64
Soesbe Judy M. Larrick Yes No Jun-Dec 67
Sohn Jeanne Yvonne   No Yes Jul 95-May 96
Solarczyk Katherine A. Vanlandingham Yes No Jul 78-Aug 84
Solie Charles H.   Yes No Jan 83-Jan 99
Solomon Steven Jay   Yes No Aug 79-Mar 80
Sonchar Wayne Paul   No Yes Dec 76-77
Sonnek Gerald     No No  
Sosa Susan   Romero Yes Yes Student: Sep 78-Dec 79, Staff: Jan 77-Sep 78, Dec 79-Mar 84
Sosa, III Daniel     Yes Yes Student: Sep 78-May 82, Staff: Jun 76-Sep 78
Soto Angel     Yes No May 88-Aug 93
Sotomayor John Louis   No Yes Aug-Sep 77, Oct 78-Apr 80
Sours Paul Wade   No Yes Nov 82-Jan 83
Southward Mary Lorraine Kissack Yes No Jan 84-Jul 93
Sowell Bok F.   No Yes Oct 77- May 78
Sowell Sandra A. Wieland No Yes May 64-May 65
Sowell Wayne LaMont   No Yes Mar-May 70
Spangler Scott E.   No Yes Apr-Apr 79
Spann Linda Joyce   No Yes Aug 76-Jan78
Spanogle Dennis E.   No Yes Jun-Sep 64
Sparling John A.   Yes No Oct 87-Mar 01
Spartz Douglas Paul   No Yes May 78- Jan 79
Speck Charline I. Ortega Yes No Jun 77- May 78
Speer Alvin E.   Yes No Mar 68-Apr 69
Speir Robert Emmett   No Yes Jan 71-Sep 73
Spence Tony     No No  
Spence Melissa D.   Yes Yes Student: Jan 85-Jun 88, Staff: Jun-Jun 88, Apr 90-Oct 96
Spence Alexine     Yes No Jul 86- Feb 87
Spence Elizabeth A. Barton Yes No Jul 60-Mar 62, Oct 63- Aug 64
Spence Tony Allen   Yes Yes Student: Jun 83-Dec 85, Staff: Feb 87-Feb 00
Spencer Charles Vernon   No Yes Jun 60-Apr 65
Spencer Teresa R.   No Yes Jan-Jul 72
Spencer Lynne A.   No Yes May-Oct 79
Spencer Charles A.   No Yes Aug 74- Feb 75
Sperry Donald     No No  
Spicer Wanda J. Medearis Yes No Oct 83-Mar 86
Spiller Ray     Yes No Jun 60-Nov 74
Spillers Shirlene M. Burch Yes Yes Student: May 79- Mar 83, Staff: Mar 83- Jun 84
Spooner Courtney Joseph   No Yes Jun 90-Jul 91
Spraggins Larry Ross   No Yes Jun 62-Sep 64
Sprague Tammy L.   Yes No Aug-Sep 98
Spray Scott Wesley   Yes Yes Student: Jun 77-Feb 83, Staff: Feb-May 83
Spray Lisa L.   No Yes Feb-Apr 79
Sprenger David P.   No Yes Sep 72-Aug 73, Feb-Aug 74
Spruiell Roy Odell   Yes No Apr 70-Feb 71
Srinnasagam Rajasekar     No Yes Oct 93-Nov 94
St. John Donald Harvey   No Yes Jun 60-Apr 66
St. John Virgil Warner   Yes No Aug-Nov 69
St. John Jean H. Tewksbury Yes No Oct 68-Feb 72
Stach Susan M. Beekman Yes No Aug 79-May 80
Staggs James William   Yes No Sep 85-Nov 88
Staggs Deborah L. Johnson Yes Yes Student: May 84-Mar 86, Staff: Mar 86-Mar 87
Stailey Michael C.   No Yes Feb 81-Dec 83
Staley Susan Jane Sundeen Beasley Yes No Jul 69-Feb 73
Staley Terry L.   Yes No Aug 70-Feb 73
Stall Sharon E. Able Yes No Nov 64-Dec 67
Stall Clyde E.   Yes Yes Student: Feb 67-Aug 70, Staff: Oct 70-Aug 72
Stall Albert R.   No Yes Sep 65-May 69
Stambaugh Mark K.   No Yes Mar 72-May 75
Stanfield Robert     No No  
Stanfill, Jr. James Edward   No Yes Sep 85-Oct 86
Stanford Robert     No No  
Stankevitch Bernard     No No  
Stankowski Loretta L. Zuczek Yes No Sep 66-Aug 67
Stanley Christopher G.   Yes No Jun 79-Aug 80
Stanley Harold Gene   Yes No Jan 68-Jul 84
Stanley John Frederick   Yes No Jul 62-Jun 64
Stanton Thomas Arthur   No Yes Jun 68-Feb 72, Aug 72- Sep 73
Stapleton Andrew M.   No Yes Jun 95-Mar 97
Staplin Lorin J.   No Yes Sep 69-Aug 71
Stapp Stephen T.   No Yes Sep 66-Jan 70
Starks Paula     No Yes Jan 67-Feb 68
Starnes Barbara Clare Skea Yes No Feb 70-May 71
Starnes Rhonda A. Lindley No Yes Jun-Jun 71
Stauber William Paul   No Yes Oct 84-May 87
Stauber Elger P.   Yes No Apr 60-Jan 71, Oct 76-Apr 88, May-Sep 88, Oct 89-Jun 90, Aug 90-Jun 92
Stauffer Patricia Ann   No Yes Mar 67-Jan 68
Stearne Cathy Ann Chegin No Yes May 86- Sep 86, Mar 87- May 87
Steele Charles     No No  
Steele John P.   No Yes Sep 67-Apr 70
Stehling Michael Joseph   No Yes Jun 89-Apr 90
Steinau Richard Allen   Yes No Oct 82-Dec 86
Steinberg Theodore Aaron   Yes No Sep 82-Jan 83
Steinepreis Susan Elaine Linley No Yes Jul - Sep 78
Steinert David Earl   No Yes Jun-Sep 81
Steinhoff Ralph G.   Yes No Apr 77-Oct 80
Steinman Benny Michael   No Yes Jun 73-Feb 75
Steinmann Charles     No No  
Stell Dennis Albert   No Yes Jan 73-May 75
Stephan Elizabeth C. Tanner Yes No Dec 71-Jul 72
Stephens Craig Parker   No Yes Oct 66- May 67
Stephens Nolan Thomas   No No  
Stephens Harvey W.   Yes No Dec 81-Jan 82
Stephens Johnde E.   No Yes Aug-Sep 88
Stephens Francis G.   No Yes Feb-Apr 68
Stephens John D.   No Yes Jun 60-May 68
Stephens Richard W.   Yes No Jun 78-Nov 82, Jan 85-Sep 00
Stephens John F.   No Yes Jun 63-Oct 68
Stephenson Terry E.   No Yes Jun-Nov 70
Stephenson Earl Barrett   No Yes Feb 64-Apr 66
Stepp Robert     No No  
Sterling Terrie D.   No Yes Oct 65-May 66
Stevens William C.   Yes No Jan 61-Jan 86
Stevens Thomas H.   No Yes Jul-Aug 70
Stevens Shirley Irene Northington Yes No Jan-Oct 73
Stevens Alan Brian   No Yes Dec 83-May 84
Stevens, Jr. John W.   No No  
Stevenson James Curtis   No No  
Stevenson Katharine   Allen Yes No Oct 71-Jan 75
Stevenson Teresa Ellen Shannon Yes No Jun 70-Jun 72
Stewart Olin Wayne   No Yes Sep 67-Feb 69
Stewart David Ross   No Yes Sep 73-Feb 84
Stewart Roy P.   Yes No Nov 80-Nov 93
Stice, Jr. Clifford M.   No Yes Sep 60-May 66
Stiegelmeyer Scott D.   No Yes Jan 72-Feb 73
Stiff John L.   No Yes Aug 72-Jan 77
Stilwell Bryan Darrel   No No  
Stirman Karen Kay Lanning Yes No Dec 64-Feb 65
Stock David Lorin   No Yes May-Jun 72
Stocks John H.   Yes No Sep 77-Jul 78
Stockton George Daniel   No Yes Feb 68-Dec 69
Stofan Barbara L. Apodaca Yes No Aug 84-Sep 85
Stogden Donald Ray   Yes Yes Student: Feb 83-Feb 87, Staff: Feb 87-Aug 95
Stogden Ramona   Contreras Yes No Jul 73-Jan 74
Stohr Rosemary     No Yes May 76-May 79
Stone Howard L.   Yes No Oct 87-Dec 90
Stone Mattie L. Brown No Yes Feb 63-Sep 64
Stopa Lorraine C.   Yes No Oct 82-Jun 85
Storr Lloyd Neel   No Yes Aug 60- May 67
Stoudt Elaine Frances Coss Yes No Jul 73-Feb 74
Stouse Linda K. Miller Yes No Jul 71-May 72
Stouse Jack Leroi   No Yes Jun 64-Jan 65
Stout Bobby Joe   No Yes Jun-Sep 81
Stout Barry Armstrong   No Yes Jun 83- Jan 84
Stout Bobby Joe   Yes No Feb 68-Jan 89
Stovall Russell Dean   Yes No Dec 67-Aug 71
Stovall Russell Truman   No Yes Jul 90-Dec 93
Stovall Darrell Gene   No Yes Feb 66-Jul 70
Strahm James Frederick   No No  
Straley Phil S.   No Yes Sep 78-Apr 79
Straley George L.   No Yes Sep 78-Sep 79
Straley Charles Spurgeon   No Yes Dec 66-Jul 68
Stranberg Edwin William   No Yes Jun 68-Sep 71
Strand Dennis Holmes   No No  
Strand James Michael   Yes Yes Student: Feb 92-Jul 96, Staff: Dec 97-Jul 99
Strauss David Paul   No Yes May-Dec 76
Strebeck Sidney George   No Yes Sep-Nov 70
Street Douglas Edward   No Yes Aug 91-Jun 93
Streetman Sharon M.   Yes No Oct 87-Jun 89
Streich Ronald Gene   No Yes Sep 60-Apr 66
Streit Brandy Kay   No Yes Sep 87-Aug 89
Stretz Lawrence A.   No Yes Feb 67-May 69
Strickland David Reese   Yes No May-Nov 70
Strickland Robert Harvey   No Yes Jun 68-Apr 73
Stringer Herbert     No No  
Stromberg Thorsten F.   Yes No Sep 72- Oct 76 (never worked)
Stromei Tom L.   No Yes Jun 66-May 68
Strong David Scott   Yes Yes Student: Feb-Aug 83, Staff: Jun-Aug 84
Stroud Thomas Darrel   No Yes Jun 76-Sep 77
Struck Phillip Leonard   No Yes May 67-Sep 68
Stuart Jeb     No Yes Dec 98-Nov 00
Stuart Carson Ray   No Yes Feb 77-Apr 78, May 78-Jan 79
Stuart Sandra J.   Yes No Jun 76-Jul 78
Stuart Karen L. Mims Yes No Mar 65-May 66
Stuart Christopher E.   Yes No Apr 86-Aug 87
Stuart Sidney Jay   No Yes Sep 77- Sep 78
Stubbs Bruce Allen   No Yes May-Jun 68, Sep 70-Apr 72
Stubbs Charles William   No Yes Sep 71-May 78
Stubbs Charles William   No Yes Sep 71-May 78
Stucky John Thomas   No No  
Stueven Mark A.   Yes Yes Student: May-Oct 91, Staff: Oct-Dec 91
Stueven Paul Robert   No Yes Sep 88-May 91
Stull Donna Earlene Stull Yes Yes Student: Jan 83-May 84, Staff: Jan 80-Jan 83
Stulting Roy M.   No Yes Sep 64-Oct 67
Stumpges Frederick 'Fritz' John   No Yes Feb 66- Nov 67
Sturgis John F.   Yes No Dec 65-Jun 66
Sturgis Jane   Bosworth Yes No Jun 66- Jun 70
Sturtz, Jr. Rodney J.   No Yes Sep 66- Jan 67
Stutsman Richard A.   No Yes Feb-Sep 64
Stutzman Warren L.   Yes No Aug-Dec 83
Styron Billy J.   Yes No Dec 76-Jun 77
Suazo Andrew Lee   No Yes Mar 81-May 87
Subramaniam Sivakumar     No Yes May-Jul 94
Suckocki, II Thomas Paul   No Yes Jun 95-Jun 96
Sue Robert     No No  
Suits Jerry P.   No Yes Sep 66-Dec 69
Suits James Cody   No Yes Jun 70-Apt 71
Sullens John     No No  
Sullins James Lee   No Yes Jan 68-Dec 70
Sullivan John D.   No Yes Mar 64-May 69
Sullivan Terrence D.   No Yes Sep 66-Nov 70
Sullivan Robert M.   Yes No Jan 95-Nov 96, Dec 96-Dec 97
Sullivan Michael Evan   No Yes Mar 62-May 65
Sullivan Gilbert Clark   No No  
Sullivan Mark James   No Yes Feb 67-Sep 69
Sullivan Lewis A.   Yes No Jun 75-Feb 82
Sullivan John T.   Yes Yes Student: Jun 59-Feb 60, Jun 60-Jan 61, Staff: Feb 61-Feb 65
Sullivan Jeannine Marie Vick Evans Yes No Jul 73-Jan 82
Sultemeier David R.   No Yes May-Jun 99
Suminski Rita R. Cudney No Yes Nov 76-May 77
Summerford Richard Dale   No No ?
Sumrall Claudette S. Wingrove No Yes May 66-Feb 67
Sumrall Orbin Fonda   No Yes Jun-Oct 66
Sundeen Pamela Margaret   Yes No May 69-Nov 75
Surran Robert     No Yes Dec 69-Aug 70
Sutphin Howard Dean   No Yes Apr 65-May 66
Sutton Larry Wayne   No Yes Jul 73-May 74
Sutton Sadrid A.   Yes No Aug 80-Jul 87
Swalander Gregory Zach   No Yes Jan 87-Oct 90
Swalby Jon R.   No No ?
Swanson Alan Leroy   No No  
Swanter Wiliam H.   Yes No Jan 79-Dec 80
Swartz Louis McKinley   No No  
Swartz, Jr. Edward James   No No  
Sweet Wayne Alan   No Yes Jun 64-Sep 65, Sep 66-May 67
Sweet Rose M. Bennett Yes No Nov 78-Jan 85
Sweetser Kenneth Andrew   No Yes Dec 89-May 94
Swenson Norman Phillip   No Yes Sep 61-May 63, Sep 63-Aug 64
Sweo John Edwin   No Yes May 76-Oct 77
Swift Larry D.   No Yes Feb 67-Jan 71
Swinney Jay Charles   No Yes May 78-Jan 81
Swinson Gary E.   No Yes Jul 63-Jun 65
Sydow James Robert   No No  
Sykes Clarence Dwayne   No Yes May 74-Aug 75
Szafranski Michael M.   No Yes Feb-Aug 65
Szalay Thomas George   Yes Yes Student: Jun 59-Jun 60, Jun 62-Sep 64, Staff: Sep 64-Jan 66
Szalay Jeff Gerard   No Yes Nov 85-Jul 87
Szalay Gerard     No Yes Feb 63- Sep 64