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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

Alumni Directory - O

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Last First Middle Maiden Staff Student Date
O'Brien Walter James   No No  
O'Brien Michael J.   Yes No May 79- Sep 80
O'Brien Norman Joseph   Yes No Jan 69- Nov 87
O'Brien Girard James   No Yes Aug 60- Sep 65
O'Dea Patrick Lawrence   Yes No Dec 77- Aug 83
O'Dell Carol Ann Raleigh Yes No Mar 72- Jan 73
O'Dell Karen K. Ross Yes Yes Student: Apr 77- Jun 78, Staff: Jun 78- Feb 79
O'Dell Gaylon Kent   No Yes Sep 65- Feb 67, Sep 71- Dec 72
O'Laughlin Thomas Connor   No Yes Feb-Aug 66, Feb-May 67
O'Neil Patrick W.   No Yes Jun-Aug 86
O'Neill Michael Shawn   No Yes Apr-Nov 89
O'Sullivan George Andrew   No No  
Oakes Donna Marie Starr No Yes Aug-Oct 67
Oakes George Jeffrey   No Yes Jul 66- Mar 67
Obeidat Sofian T.   No Yes May-Aug 99
Ochoa Jane I. Bombay Yes No Aug 71- Mar 72
Ochoa Frank Y.   Yes No May-Nov 81
Odell Lynn R.   No Yes Sep 76- Jun 78
Odell Sammie Joe   Yes Yes Student: Jun 65- Jan 67, Staff: Jan 67-Oct 87
Odum Daniel R.   Yes No Jun 77- Sep 78
Oestreicher, Jr. John Joseph   No Yes Feb 87- Jan 88
Off Charles Brett   No Yes Feb 87- Jan 88
Offolter Matt Albert   No Yes May 89- May 90
Offutt Allen L.   No Yes Jun 63- Jun 68
Ogden Constance S. Campbell Yes Yes Student: Apr 66- May 67, Staff: Feb 68- Jun 69
Ohlhausen William F.   No Yes Feb 64- Apr 65
Ohmstede William D.   Yes No Aug 89- Oct 90
Okeefe William Michael   No Yes Feb -Apr 67
Olds Nancy J.   Yes No Mar 81- Mar 82
Oleson Paul Michael   No Yes Feb 86- Jul 87
Oleson Paul H.   No Yes Feb 94- Jul 95
Olivas Tomas     No Yes Jan 83- May 84
Olivas Elsa J. Grover Yes Yes Student: Jun 78- Dec 78, Jul 82-Jun 84, Staff: Dec 78- Sep 82, Jun 84- Feb 85
Olivas Carmen R.   Yes No Aug 82- Feb 87
Olivas Edmundo     No Yes Sep 91- Jan 92
Oliver Linda Lee Garcia Yes No Mar 70- Feb 71
Oliver Gerard L.   Yes No Nov 79- May 80
Oliver Clifford Eubert   No Yes Jun 60- Jun 66
Olivo Patricia     Yes No Dec 84- Mar 87
Olsen Debbie L. Tempel Yes No Feb 81-Jul 82
Olsen Michael G.   No Yes May 75- Oct 76
Olson Kern Alvin   No Yes Sep 65- Jun 66
Olson Robert W.   Yes No Mar 66-Aug 90
Omick Steve Ray   Yes Yes Student: Jan-May 85, Jan-May 86, Staff: May-Aug 86
Oms Jose Enrique   Yes Yes Student: Apr-Jun 79, Staff: Dec 79- Dec 81, Feb 82- Sep 84
Ondelacy Robert John   Yes No Apr 88- Dec 89
Ong, Jr. Howard     No Yes Jan 75- Jan 78
Onsae Lindred     No Yes Jun-Jul 87
Ontiveros Margaret Anne Gusdorf No Yes Dec 82- Apr 83, Mar 84- Jan 85, Sep 85- Jul 87
Ontiveros Paul Andrew   No Yes Aug 85- Jul 87
Ontiveros Priscilla A.   No Yes Oct-Oct 77
Ontiveros Rosendo Villa   No Yes Sep 69- Feb 70
Ontiveros Jeannine Michelle Lacroix Yes No Apr 68- Jul 72
Ontiveros Gloria P.   Yes No Jul 78- Jul 87
Orean Allen Lee   No Yes Jan-Jun 67
Orean Clinton H.   Yes No Feb 67- Jun 80
Ornelas Antonio     No Yes Jun-Jul 78
Orona Isaias R.   Yes No May 77- Aug 78
Orona Jose Valentin   Yes No Feb-Oct 78
Orosco Marie T. Baca Yes No Feb-Aug 80
Orr Gloria J. Barnes Yes No Jan 67- Dec 71
Orr Jimmy S.   No Yes Sep 67- Jan 71, Aug-Dec 71
Orr Ross David   No Yes Sep 73- Nov 75
Orr Carl Eugene   Yes No May 70- Dec 75
Orrantia Bertha     Yes No Jul 82-Jun 85, Jun 86- Mar 87
Orrantia Yvonne M. Medina No Yes Jun 88- May 90
Orsak Janice L.   Yes Yes Student: Aug 72 - Feb 73, Staff: Jun 71- Aug 72
Ortega John Arthur   Yes Yes Student: Sep 78-Nov 79, Staff: Nov 79-Aug 81
Ortega Frank P.   Yes No Jan 91- Sep 95
Ortega Vincent Cruz   No Yes Jan-Jun 73, May 74-May 77
Ortega Tony H.   No Yes Dec 76- Jul 77
Ortega Rafael R.   No Yes Jun 66- Feb 67
Ortega Theresa M. Martinez No Yes Sep -Dec 76, Oct 79- May 80
Ortega Pedro Herman   No Yes Feb 71- Jan 72
Ortega Cecilia C.   Yes No Jan 68- Feb 70
Ortega Bertha     No Yes Oct 96- Jan 97
Ortega Agustin G.   No Yes Oct 75- Sep 77
Ortega Ann L. Livermore Yes No Jul 69- May 70
Ortega Ramon G.   No Yes Sep 84- Oct 86
Ortiz Barbara Annette Portillo Yes No Sep 78- mar 79
Ortiz Timothy W.   Yes No Sep 78- Mar 80
Osborn Cecelia M.   Yes No Oct 89-Oct 91, Nov 91- Jun 94
Osborn Michelle M. Mazzone Yes No Feb 71- Mar 72
Osburn Sherman Reynolds   No Yes Aug 62-Aug 65
Oshel James E.   Yes No May 79- May 80
Oshima Kevin H.   Yes No Jul-Jul 00
Otero, Jr. Joseph Louis   Yes No Sep 53-Jan 93
Otero-Thomas Margaret Michelle   No Yes Jan 92- Sep 95
Othole-Quam Brenda Janet   No Yes Jul 85- Jun 87, Jul-Jul 87
Ott David Emerson   No Yes Sep 65- Nov 66
Ott-Askew Cynthia J.   No Yes Sep 80- Aug 81
Ottenhoff Henry Conrad   No Yes Sep 85- Dec 86
Ottesen Margaret M. Mueller Yes Yes Student: Jun 62- Apr 64, Staff: Apr 64-May 90
Otto William Foster   Yes No Aug 65- Jul 79
Ou-Yang Hai Hendrix   No Yes Jan-Feb 78
Ouesenberry Janelle     No Yes Sep 65- Aug 67
Outlaw, Jr. Arthur Trantham   No Yes Feb 67- Sep 71
Ouzts Stephen L.   No Yes May 76- Dec 77
Overland Gregory A.   No Yes Aug 79- Feb 80
Owen Stephen Richard   No Yes Feb 66- Feb 68
Owens Tressia L. Allen No Yes Aug 64- Sep 66
Owens Frank J.   Yes No Apr 59- Oct 66
Owens Jimmie Keith   No Yes Nov-Dec 65
Owens-Kitt Robin Metric   No Yes Oct 85- May 86
Owensby Rachael Sue Thigpen Yes No Jun 69- Mar 70