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Boomerang Launch

NASA’s Scientific Balloon Program provides development testing & training of engineers


PSL's Aerostar Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Solar Furnace

The Solar Furnace at NMSU PSL harnesses the power of the sun for research

SpacePort America

X Prize Competition 2005

NMSU/PSL provides a variety of technical services to Spaceport America. These services include conceptual planning, siting analysis, development of temporary facilities, analysis of customer requirements, safety and risk analyses, operations policies development, operations procedures development, and support for the FAA licensing process. NMSU/PSL also provides technical support during launches, including planning and coordination among support elements, coordination with White Sands Missile Range, and range surveillance.

Specific accomplishments related to Spaceport America include assisting in writing the proposal that captured the X Prize Cup for New Mexico and designing the temporary vertical launch facilities at the Spaceport. In addition, NMSU/PSL assisted in developing concepts of operations for single-stage-to-orbit, air launched, and suborbital space vehicles from inland spaceports. NMSU/PSL also provided planning and coordination for all launches to date from Spaceport America. NMSU/PSL also assisted in developing the Description of the Proposed Action and Alternatives for the Spaceport America EIS and is leading the formal FAA licensing process for Spaceport America.