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The first UAS Flight Test Center was created between the FAA and NMSU in 2008. This site was added to the six congressionally directed sites that were later selected in 2013.

WSPG:  The First Contract

On April 30, 1946, New Mexico A & M's first contract with the Army's Ballistics Research Laboratory, effective May 15, 1946, was signed by the College's Board of Regents. It covered one year of effort for a total of $25,000. The scope of effort filled a whopping two pages!!

Statement of Work:

  • Provide personnel, not to exceed ten, except during peak loads. 
  • Reduce ballistic data from tests of rockets at WSPG. 
  • Provide BRL with reports for determining ballistic characteristics of rockets and/or missiles. 
  • BRL to furnish "computing machines." 
  • Develop devices for reduction of data. 
  • Dr. Lewis Delsasso of Aberdeen Proving Ground will act as contracting officer's representative for inspection, supervision, and approval of work performed. 
  • Provide "observers in such numbers, and of such qualifications, as the Government may require."
  • "Computers" shall be paid $1.50 per hour; secretary shall be paid $1.00 per hour.