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Information Sciences & Security Systems - EWS Countermeasures

EWS Countermeasures

The EWS Countermeasures team currently is supporting the Information Science and Engineering's Vulnerability/Survivability Support contract, one that PSL has had with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Survivability/Lethality Analysis Directorate (SLAD) in various forms for almost 27 years. The group tests/analyzes U.S. air and missile defense systems at HAFB, KAFB, Fort Wingate, and various sites throughout WSMR and MacGregor Range.

The EWS Countermeasures team has modified, operated, and maintained a total of 100 ECM systems, including modification of surplus Air Force and Navy assets to provide threat representative emulators for assessing Army lower and upper tier defense systems. The group also operates several SLAD vans of receiver equipment that validates the multi-threat ECM environment during a mission. It has developed systems for exo-atmospheric flight tests; airborne and space qualification programs; high-reliability design, fabrication, and testing; and provided field support in CONUS and overseas locations. The group is supporting the upgrade of the Laser Doppler Velocimeter system for remote operations at WSMR for use with the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System in the near future.

Over the past 22 years, the EWS Countermeasures team has performed fusion of range sensors, EW environment, and radar and missile performance data. Products have included weapon system performance databases, GUIs, vulnerability and susceptibility analyses, and post-flight data reports.