About New Mexico State University’s Physical Science Laboratory

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Where can you get state-of-the-art information on UAS technology, regulatory issues, and generally what’s happening in the UAS world? Where are major programs and plans from the DoD, other federal agencies, and civil aviation foci discussed by the decision makers and your peers? 2018 is the UAS TAAC’s 20th year of providing timely, relevant, and important information to UAS constituents.  Go to https://taac.nmsu.edu to see information about registration and exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities.

Founded in 1946 in response to the nation’s space and rocket programs, PSL’s growth in capability and talent has enabled us to provide exceptional support to numerous scientific and technical activities across the nation and around the globe. PSL is a world-recognized leader in sub-orbital platforms,information modeling for predictive decisionmaking, specialized intelligence community support, advanced NASA scientific exploration and experimentation, homeland security sensing and detection technologies, and advanced weapons and countermeasures development and testing.

Supplying 21st century technology and technologists, PSL’s 400-hundred person staff also partners with corporations and government agencies to develop trained technical specialists by offering outstanding students (over 16,000 since 1946) opportunities to participate in sponsored projects in a strongly supportive, mentored environment under expert tutelage.

PSL is distinguished by its numerous scientific and technical contributions, loyal customers, and talented staff and student employees, who have incorporated the ongoing research into successful real-world applications for over fifty-five years.

PSL’s future holds many exciting possibilities as we enter the new millennium. We have conceived numerous diverse initiatives that spotlight PSL and NMSU and strengthen the regional economy, including the modern electronic battlefield and related systems in the commercial marketplace, unmanned aerial vehicles, and homeland security.